Monday, June 24, 2013


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Sippy and straw cups

Little one is almost one, and he is almost done with his bottles. We have tried lots of different types of cups with him, but I don't love any of them. I was in search of a totally non-spill cup and would teach him to lift up to drink, like you would a regular cup. He is pretty much an expert in straws, so I didn't really want that.

Cups we have tried:

MoMma- I hate this cup/bottle. The milk gets trapped in the bottle part because of the weird shape. It transitions from nipple to sippy to straw. None of them work great, best was the sippy part, but it spilled a lot.

Piyo piyo- again, meh. Now that he can use a straw he can't even get his mouth on this one because the duck lid is in the way. It has a piece that makes it a regular cup, but he isn't ready for that. 

Sugarbooger - I like these. They aren't non spill, but the mouth part is hard and keeps water from flowing fast. Stays together well and very cute.

Munchkin- we only have the straw cup and it's pretty good. The straw only hits the far edge of the cup so you can drink all the water without turning the cup a weird way.

Target- target sells all sorts of cute cups around the holidays that have built in straws. They have this x cut straw that you cannot get liquid out of unless you have a Hoover attached to your face. I cut the top of the straw off and it works great.

Tommee tippee- the best of what we own.  We have the soft transitioner sippy, and today I bought a hard sippy and a cup like sippy for water. Heres the soft one.

The soft sippy claims to be non spill, but my son is the spawn of MacGyver, and it spills everywhere when he sticks his finger in the sippy part. The new ones are cute and totally non-spill. I love them!

What are your favorite sippys?

Wash day!

All my inserts laying out in the sun today. I actually used every single one I had available so hopefully I will have some for tomorrow that are dry. This is a pretty unconventional drying method, but since we don't have a clothesline, this will have to do. We will have one in our new house, so the inserts will be hung up to dry then.

I also decided to fancy up one of our new (used) diaper covers today. It came with some bleach stains, but this looks much better!
 My fabric marker ran out so I will have to go pick up some new ones tomorrow.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Burp rags galore

Here is a set of new burp rags that I was commissioned to make for a friend.

 Already all folded and boxed up ready to go. I make these using super premium unbleached 100% Indian cotton prefold diapers. 

I found that these burp rags are the thing I have used most with our son, and I love giving them as gifts and making them for people!

Types of diaper inserts

Since switching to cloth I thought I'd tell you all about the different types of inserts I have been using. 

Here they are
The top is a gRefill. They are disposable and biodegradable. You can tear them apart and flush them in any non septic toilet. We used these exclusively until this month. They are like any disposable diaper, but better for the environment. These are convenient for vacations where laundry is difficult, or when you aren't sure of the type of toilet systems other people have as they can be tossed in the trash. They are also great if you are going to be out a while and need the convenience of not changing diapers too often. Very absorbent and you can go 3-4 hours in these depending on your wetter.

Next, is gCloth. I only have 2 of these. They have hemp on the bottom and fleece on top with some layers in between. They do their job. They seem kind of hard compared to the others. I use them, but I'd say they are my least favorite. They seem to get really wet cold and hard quickly. Maybe 2 hours of use.

The third one is a Charcoal Bamboo Insert, or CBI to the cloth world. They are thin and absorbent and pretty soft. The charcoal is antimicrobial and stink resistant. The bamboo is super absorbent. They seem a little too short for the medium/large gDiapers, but they work. If these were a tad longer it would he better, but they are my favorite. They seem to be dry to the touch even when wet, which is good for baby. I can get 3 hours out of these!

Lastly, we have the bamboo cotton microfiber blend. Not as stay dry as the CBIs, but oh so soft. I feel good about putting these next to my baby's skin. They need to be changed pretty often, but it's not a big deal. We have the most of this kind.  I'd say they can go 2 hours.

Not pictured are the prefolds that I use as burp cloths. A lot of mamas that use other types of cloth diapers swear by prefolds, but they seem very bulky to me and the ones I have are way too huge to put in gDiapers. They are very absorbent though, and I will stick to using those as burp rags.

Friday, June 7, 2013

I have a tie dye problem

The upside is that people have asked me to make them some, so $ is always good!

Moving on up

So my lovely 25+ pound 11 month old has officially moved up to size large gdiapers. I waited as long as I could, but I was getting leaks every single time, and when I tried out a large that I had, the leaks stopped.

I waited as long as I could because, well, gdiapers aren't cheap! At over 15 a pop, it adds up! Luckily, I found some great Facebook swap and sell groups and I was able to get him more than enough for much less than I would have new.  One of the great things about gdiapers is that there can be quite a resale value! 

In the group of diapers that I bought there were two 'vanilla' diapers. Basically, white. Why anyone would make a white diaper is beyond me, but I fixed that! 

If you know me at all- tie dye!

The backs
The fronts.

They aren't AMAZING, but it will do! Once I get the whole lot of diapers in, I will share it with you along with his new awesome cloth stash!