Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Protecting your child from germs

I've always been the kind of person that didn't worry about germs. Don't wash my hands much, pacifier on the floor? No big deal. I don't wipe carts, baby can touch the dog, blah blah blah.

There ARE things I do to keep things clean. We sterilize bottles daily. Pacifiers once or twice a week. More often if necessary. And yes, if they are visibly dirty when the fall I will clean them.

And then...
Baby got sick. It was a cold, no big deal. That definitely not the kind of germs I worry about.

Then baby came down with a rash. One the doctor doesn't seem to know what it is, other than " it's not an allergy or reaction". Uh ok. So we are waiting it out for a week and going from there.

In the meantime I bought some products that should help protect him from some of the places he touches that never get washed.

Like shopping carts.
We went with the taggies brand cover and he seemed to like it. Played with the tags and he sat up very well in it.  It has a strap that secures him to the cover, and the cover is strapped onto the cart pretty well.

He wouldn't look at me during this photo because he was watching some seagulls.

I was using the NoJo Secure Me, but that only held him in. He could still touch the cart.

And like the table at restaurants.
At restaurants we mostly use the Inglesina Fast Table Chair, which I only have good things to say about. Those wooden high chairs seem dangerous to me for a baby just learning to sit.  Especially a baby that flings himself around as much as possible.  Maybe in a few months..

To cover the table I got the Summer Tiny Diner Mat.  This is neat because it suctions to the table, is heavy duty, and catches spills, all at the same time.

Hopefully these efforts will help to keep the weird rashes at bay...

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