Friday, August 31, 2012

my experience with gDiapers

Before little Buddha was born we had made the decision to use gDiapers.

Once he used up all this tiny newborn disposables, we jumped right in.  There was only one problem, the leaks.  He leaked all the time, almost every time we put a gDiaper on him.  We were very discouraged.  Honestly, we were ready to give up and go to disposables.  I felt terrible.  I wanted to love gdiapers.  I did not want to throw away that many diapers in the trash to sit in the earth forever and ever.  I stuck it out until I felt like something must me wrong with what I was doing.  It was the diaper, it was me.  I knew that.  In all the ads for gdiapers, the diaper went all the way up the baby's back, covered his belly, and looked... bigger. I tried yanking them up every time, like they say you should.  Didn't really do much.

I thought about moving up a size, but I didn't think that was right.  Buddha was only 11 pounds.  He should be in the small diapers until at least 13 pounds.  This is what he looked like in his smalls at 11.5 pounds.
Finally, we were gifted a set of mediums and I decided, hey, why don't I try the medium diapers out.  They seemed so huge.  I had tons of the small inserts left so I decided to use the medium outsides with the small liner.  Guess what, he looked better.  And guess what, we haven't had a leak since. Here he is in his mediums.  He even looks happier.


What did I learn?
-I have a tall baby.
- Don't worry about what size things are, just go with what fits.
- Don't give up.

Things you really have to remember :
Its not easy at first
It gets very easy
You are helping out the environment
Don't buy a lot of size small
Don't put them on tight
Don't expect to save money if you use the biodegradable inserts
Don't worry about the sizing, go with your gut

What I needed most during this time was people with gDiaper experiences to be there to help me.  So if you are considering gDiapers, ask away!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My hands free device

It was funny of me to think that after having a baby that I would be online everyday with enough energy to post about things, or craft, which hasn't really happened aside from the 1 quilt I made for my little niece.  Buddha (the name I guess I will call my baby here online, the name I came up for him today) is 2 months old now, and a good baby.  I feel like today I just figured out his schedule and will now be able to have time to post online possibly more often.  I'm sure the nature of my posts will change from crafting to mamahood, but that's alright, because sometimes they go hand in hand.  It feels good when you feel like you've figured out your baby.

My motherhood thought of the day today was that strollers are not my thing.  I understand that they are a wonderful way to get your baby around places, and especially easier once they are larger.  For me, I don't feel like myself when using a stroller.  I feel lazy, and like I take up a lot of space.  I went out with my SILS this past week and as I pushed the stroller in stores and knocked things off shelves and bumped into people and things I realized - I hate this.  When I go to the grocery store, I need my cart so I can carry groceries.  When I go to the mall, I don't want to bump into things.  I have never been tolerant of strollers, and I don't know if I ever will be.

I got so many crazy stares today at the mall, and even comments about me carrying my baby.  "I wish someone would carry me like that", or "You should be using the automatic doors!" Sales clerks offering me more help than I could ever need, and not offering any to the stroller moms who were bumping into me and knocking things off shelves.  We will see once my baby is too big to carry, but that is many many months away. Maybe I will turn into a stroller mom. For now I will carry my baby, and carry my bag, and a drink too, just cause I can, and I want to.