Sunday, June 9, 2013

Types of diaper inserts

Since switching to cloth I thought I'd tell you all about the different types of inserts I have been using. 

Here they are
The top is a gRefill. They are disposable and biodegradable. You can tear them apart and flush them in any non septic toilet. We used these exclusively until this month. They are like any disposable diaper, but better for the environment. These are convenient for vacations where laundry is difficult, or when you aren't sure of the type of toilet systems other people have as they can be tossed in the trash. They are also great if you are going to be out a while and need the convenience of not changing diapers too often. Very absorbent and you can go 3-4 hours in these depending on your wetter.

Next, is gCloth. I only have 2 of these. They have hemp on the bottom and fleece on top with some layers in between. They do their job. They seem kind of hard compared to the others. I use them, but I'd say they are my least favorite. They seem to get really wet cold and hard quickly. Maybe 2 hours of use.

The third one is a Charcoal Bamboo Insert, or CBI to the cloth world. They are thin and absorbent and pretty soft. The charcoal is antimicrobial and stink resistant. The bamboo is super absorbent. They seem a little too short for the medium/large gDiapers, but they work. If these were a tad longer it would he better, but they are my favorite. They seem to be dry to the touch even when wet, which is good for baby. I can get 3 hours out of these!

Lastly, we have the bamboo cotton microfiber blend. Not as stay dry as the CBIs, but oh so soft. I feel good about putting these next to my baby's skin. They need to be changed pretty often, but it's not a big deal. We have the most of this kind.  I'd say they can go 2 hours.

Not pictured are the prefolds that I use as burp cloths. A lot of mamas that use other types of cloth diapers swear by prefolds, but they seem very bulky to me and the ones I have are way too huge to put in gDiapers. They are very absorbent though, and I will stick to using those as burp rags.

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