Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Spindle, a Darkness, a Fever, and a Necklace

I've spent the last few weeks busy with my homemade spindle hand-spinning some yarn.
This homemade spindle was quite the disaster and I will immediately be purchasing a real spindle. The process would have been much quicker, but even with a couple old cds, I made some desirable yarn.

First I got an 8oz bunch of wool roving. I started by just spinning the white.

I did about half on the spindle and half on an actual spinning wheel. The spinning wheel is exponentially easier and faster and better, but they cost about $700 so I won't be getting one of those really soon.

I knew I didn't really want the white so I dyed a bunch red, and some purple with Kool-Aid. Turned out great!
Hanging to dry.
First you soak the wool, add about 1 cup of white vinegar, 3 packs of kool-aid, boil and stir until all the color is absorbed (about 20 minutes), then let cool to air temp on its own.

After dying it I had to re-card the fiber using a drum carder. Really fun and awesome!!! I blended the red and purple. Again, costs about $600. WAH!

I spun the rest of the wool on the spinning wheel, then decided to ply the red and purple with white.
I'm definitely going to overdye this yellow so that its yellow, orange, and brown!
I made another bundle with triple ply white and some of the awesome fibers I bought a while back.
Hanging to dry.
After you ply them you have to wet it so it stays.


  1. Where do you use the spinning wheel and other fancy equipment? Guuurl you so crafty!

  2. At the Urban Craft Center! I took a spinning class, but you can also pay hourly to use all of their equipment. Its really awesome!