Sunday, February 28, 2010

First felting project

In the past week I was inspired to rid my closet of all unnecessary items. In the mess I found my very first felting project.

I screen printed an owl onto fabric, and felted into the screen print.

A closeup. As you can see, not the best technique. I ended up with lots of holes everywhere. Should be fixed.

The purge included a truckload of awesome t-shirts that I was saving because I liked the design but the shirts were really old/too small/just bought because I liked the design.

I decided to cut out all the designs and I am going to make a quilt out of them! This inspired me to set up my never out of the box sewing machine, so this will be quite the journey. My first quilt. Wish me luck!

Here is the supervisor demanding to sit on the table while I cut out designs.

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