Friday, March 26, 2010

Felt Hair Clip

Thursday at work a little girl wore this amazingly cute felt hair clip, and I was jealous.

I took a look at it, and when she was picked up I asked her mom where she got it. She said that there was a little boutique in some "far off land" where a woman made them. I will never go there, so I decided to make my own.

This is the journey of the first one.

First I traced some shapes onto felt that I layered.

Then, came the sewing machine. I sewed each layer separate to make sure each part would lay flat. Any tips on sewing in a circle? I'm not very talented at that.

The clip got a layer of ribbon for looks (hot glued)

Then I just hot glued the felt onto the clip.

I received many compliments today on this clip, and was even told I should sell them... maybe one day people, maybe one day...
I bought more felt today so more on the way!

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