Monday, March 15, 2010

Zoe Doll

I'm making a doll that I want to give to a little friend of mine, and it is the first time that I've made a doll like this. It has been pretty challenging.

First I made a rough drawing on the fabric.

After that I just started sewing. I figured it would work out for the best, and that was not the best plan. The best I can say is that Zoe has an interesting body. Maybe she was in an accident, or maybe she was born that way....

My idea for hair was to use yarn, so I just sewed it on the inside of the head. This was more difficult than I thought it would be because my sewing machine doesn't have a ton of room between the needle and the base of the machine. In the end I didn't get as thick of hair as I was hoping, but I was able to fluff out the yarn a bit.

Then after turning it right side out (I used a chopstick for the thin parts), I stuffed it with regular stuffing that you can buy at any craft store.

I sewed the opening shut, and covered it (somewhat) with the hair. Zoe loves ponytails, just like me. It covers up her scar really well. Her eyes are bright blue, just like my friends', and hopefully, they connect well...
Hand detail...

More details will be embroidered another night!
If anyone has noticed, I'm a huge fan of having a million projects going at once. I honestly have 3 others things going that I really need to finish.... oh well. I'm sure this is a fault of many a crafter.

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