Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Doughnuts

It's the Other One's birthday today. I spent last night and this morning making him doughnuts from this recipe :

Krispy Kreme recipe.

I've been terrible at documenting my cooking lately. Not enough photos or the step by step process. I've been busy with the end of the school year coming. Also, I'm going away for 4 days (New Jersey) and I've been trying to wrap things up with my craft projects because my mom is staying at the house to watch The Wild Thing.

I'll be missing the last two days of the school year which I am VERY sad about. I love this time of the year because I often reflect about the things I've learned over the year. I think I've learned to be less serious about things. I've learned to recognize when I'm getting stressed out and stop it. I've learned to observe more. Mentoring someone has really helped me become a better teacher. I think a lot more about what I'm doing because I'm trying to teach someone how to be a good teacher and sometimes I feel like I don't even know how to be one. I think I've become a much better person this year at least. Today was the last day of teaching with my final Winkle (a person I've come to know as one of my best friends) and that makes me sad too.

On to the Doughnuts!
Like I said - Terrible documentation

The dough rising a first time
After I cut them. They rose again.

After frying
My favorite looking doughnut hole
After decorating
If I was to do this recipe again, I would let the dough rise more much longer than I did. I would also buy a doughnut cutter instead of using a knife. Overall, 3 out of 5 stars.


  1. When they came out of the oil they looked like onion rings!

  2. yay sprinkles!! what's going on in NJ?

  3. @ Baa Baa Cupcake -

    yay sprinkles is right! I love sprinkles!
    We are going to a wedding in NJ. Jeremy grew up there and his bff is getting married Friday. Pretty fun!