Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stamp from a Photo

For the Other One's birthday I knew I wanted to make my own card. I decided to stamp him on the card.

I found a photo that I wanted to use. I opened it in photoshop and took out all the color. I adjusted brightness and contrast until I had an almost all black and white image.

Then, with a pencil, I traced the outline of the image that I wanted to use, and also traced over details that I wanted to transfer onto the stamp. Then I transferred the pencil onto the stamp.

I carved out the places I wanted to remain white when I stamped.

And here is the stamp!

Here is the front of the card. I drew on a birthday hat for this card.


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  2. Ops I accidentally removed my commet. As said earlier, good work.

  3. This is fantastic! Lovely work :) K