Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Call me Ishmael

As I said a few swaps ago, I am doing a swap that is dedicated to whales. I made a whale stamp and I decided to do Moby Dick inspired stationary.

I went and bought some brayers and block printing ink, and set to work. Here is my work station.

My first practice print. Worked out alright!
I used this really slick, not flat plate for the inking. Not the best idea, but it worked for this time. I mixed some white and purple ink for the whales.
These are all the finished pieces. Lots of envelopes, cards, and mini cards.
Depending on the type of paper, the images turned out differently. Some were more inky (the shiny paper ones), and some were perfect (cardstock). These are my favorites :
And the ships! Can't forget the red ships, mate!


  1. i absolutely LOVE that whale stamp!!!! what a lucky swapee!

  2. @belle - Thank you! I really appreciate that you are checking out my blog, and that you liked my answer to your giveaway question. I've been following your blog for a little while now, and I love your style!