Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby or Bust

Things, once again, have gotten crazy. We are in the process of moving/packing. I'll try and keep up though...

I think I've mentioned a couple of times that I've been working on baby items. It started with a silent auction that my school held that I made 2 sets of bibs for that sold really well. One of the moms loved the bibs and told her friend about them, who commissioned me to make a set for her baby girl.

So a wonderful friend of mine had HER baby shower a weekend ago and I made her some baby things that I hope will work out for her! I made a set of bibs with matching onesies, and a blanket that I'm pretty excited about.

Pearl snap closure


my favorite

the one issue I had, which I truly wasn't thinking, was using a red sharpie to mark the pattern on the fabric. Stupid. I always use a disappearing ink marker, or pencil. Why this time i decided on a red sharpie, i don't know, but it definitely showed...

The matching onesies. I used the leftover fabric from the bibs and traced an "m" on them (for his name).


Full frontal!

Blankey will be in the next post!

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