Monday, May 9, 2011

Favorite Dress

I bought this dress about 4 years ago. I saw it at Fossil and I loved the color, print, and little yellow details. Problem was, it didn't really fit well. I figured soon it would. Someday has come and gone, and it never fit, and I figured, never would. The only downside to this dress is those little beautiful yellow details. They don't give at all. No stretch whatsoever.

I decided to remedy the situation. I started by splitting the dress at the seams. From under the arm to the very bottom. When I was done it was only attached at the shoulders.

Then I cut off the bottom hem and saved it. I wanted to be able to have a nice bottom, and considering I've never sewed a proper hem....
I also then cut off two inches all the way around the bottom of the dress (which was in 2 joined pieces)

My goal was to then re-attach the sides together by using the 2 inch strips that I cut. One for each side. I wish I knew how to do that pro-sewing that is done on inside seams, but my remedy for each side was a straight stitch, followed by a zig-zag.

So in order to do this, I had to break up the yellow band/empire wait definition. This was the most negative aspect, but worth it because now I can wear the dress!

How the whole sides look now.

Finally, I sewed on the bottom seam. First with just a normal seam, then through the front to make it flat.

Finally I have a dress to wear. A dress I will wear Saturday to my friend's baby shower. If its not raining. Like it is right now. After a week of hot weather. With no warning.

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