Monday, January 11, 2010

Cowl Project

I found a pattern for a 'cowl', which to me meant nothing besides what was pictured, which was basically a round thick scarf.

I decided to try this out for a friend and was somewhat pleased with the results.

I just couldn't get it to sit right for a photo. It kept looking like there was a hole in it, or it just really looks weird. It looks less weird in person, promise.So after making it, and thinking about it, I thought, "Cowl doesn't seem like the right word to call this thing that I made. Is it really a 'cowl'?". I wikipedia'ed 'cowl' to find that a cowl is actually :

"a hood worn by members of religious orders. It also refers to a long, hooded cloak, with wide sleeves, worn by some Catholic and Orthodox monks when participating in the liturgy. Developed in the Middle Ages, they became the formal garment for those in monastic life. They were worn to give warmth to people who often spent long hours in unheated and drafty churches."

So here is my creation as a cowl -

My opinion is that it is great either way. I'll call it a "knit tube" and leave it open to interpretation.

There is a silent auction coming up for work, so I plan on making a couple of these to donate to the auction.

Pattern :

size 15-19 circular needles
cast on 44 and join
knit 2, purl 2 for 3 rows
knit until project is 15-17 inches from where you started
finish with 3 rows of knit 2, purl 2
bind off


  1. It's beautiful. The colors are amazing (photos do not do it jutice). The materials you chose feel and look really nice. I have a feeling this "knit tube" will quickly become a part of my daily wardrobe. Sort of like Doug's green vest.
    P.S. I dig the Marilyn Manson T-shirt.

  2. Thanks Kate!
    p.s. that is Dane's shirt from a LONG time ago...