Friday, January 8, 2010

Rubber Stamping vs. Linoleum carving

I've discovered that making my own rubber stamps is amazing and easy. I just used linoleum cutters for the rubber as well as the linoleum. I've made my official business stamp, and another that I thought was very important.

As I've never done this before I wasn't sure if linoleum blocks or rubber would be best for what I wanted. I had heard about both, so I decided to buy materials to try both. I started on rubber and created the business stamp. (Which I also had cloth labels made of)

After making this stamp I decided to do the next on linoleum.
I realized after that this is not at all what I wanted because I would have to get paint and all sorts of materials for the lino block to work, and I really just wanted to use stamp pads for this specific project. The linoleum didn't soak up the ink from the pad as much as I would like, and I prefer a really saturated image. I re-carved on rubber.
The final result of the supervisor stamp for now:
I will be adding more detail eventually and doing a better job on the carving, but I am done with stamping for a few days now...
And in case you didn't realize how important this stamp is, you can see the creature here as he supervises me sitting at my table. He is supervising me even as I write this.

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