Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mermaid Dotee

What is a Dotee?

Dotee dolls were created by a very talented Australian artist called Dot. They are little friendship dolls, made using scraps of fabric and beads, embellishments etc, and the rules are that they are only to be given away, as gifts or traded, not sold. They are usually 3-5 inches long, and they include a hanger, and a beaded tail.

I created my first mermaid dotee just the other day!

Since it is a mermaid, I skipped the beaded tail and just used a 'real' tail. Traced it out on leather.

The leather was very difficult to work with. After sewing, taking apart and re-sewing, it is finally ok. The final tail, after adding some beads and drawing.

I'm not very good at arms, or anything like that, so she's a bit of a stump arm, with drawn on face...She is also larger than dotee's usually are, but thats ok.

I sewed in some yarn for hair (which I had to do twice because I did it wrong the first time...), and used some green tulle for decoration.
The final product :

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