Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wine Cork Stamps

Sifting through recycled materials at work I found a huge container full of wine corks. I remember people using these as stamps, so I decided to try that out.

First, I took the wine cork and on the side that seemed most flat, I drew a design (a heart)

Then, using an Exacto knife, I cut out the design. You have to be really careful when doing this. It is easy to just cut the whole thing off. Especially with the star stamp that you can see below. I tried using my rubber cutters. Nope, bad idea. It just made a scratch on the top of the cork which you can now see in the stamped image.

I stamped the image and used that to create a paper image so people know what the stamp is of.

I also created a star stamp!

Here you can see the depth of which I cut.

REALLY SIMPLE! I sent these to the same swap partner that got my pumpkin cushion.


  1. These are awesome, and can you guess which pack rat brought in that "large container of corks?"

  2. dur i know that was YOU! And i can thank Veronica for the huge package of felt i brought home too...