Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pumpkin Pin Cushion

I found some fabric that inspired me to make a pumpkin pin cushion. Nice fall colors, and an easy project for a swap partner.

First, I traced my design onto the fabric.

Then, I made an outlying line that will serve as my cutting line. This is so I make sure to have enough space when I'm sewing so it doesn't come apart. Cut.

Sew together leaving a small space.

Make sure to cut off most of the extra fabric. Turn inside out, and stuff with filler. Sew closed.

Next, I took embroidery thread and starting in the middle, sewed the pumpkin creases. What are these called anyway? Make sure to pull tight so that it makes the pumpkin plump.

TaDa! I added a green stem just by cutting some random fabric and sewing it on as I sewed the creases. Perfect for pins, or just decoration.

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