Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old T-shirt Necklace

I realize that I could easily stay home everyday doing nothing/crafting/ watching Martha. I would cook/clean/make money online. I'm getting over a cold, so I stayed home from work today and worked on various things, this necklace being one of them.

A tutorial.
Start with an old shirt. I loved this shirt when I bought it. Then, like most great shirts, it shrunk lengthwise and grew width-wise and it just was not flattering anymore.
Lay flat and cut the bottom seam off. I used sharp scissors. Martha used some crazy sharp pizza cutter looking thing.

Every 3/4 inch cut a strip and put aside. I cut 17 strips from this specific shirt. Do you best not to get nicks in the fabric (unless you want that look..)

Once you cut it all, hold each piece at the seams and pull. This is cause the cords to curl at the ends. Place one cord to the side (you will use this to bind it all together later)

Place together at the seams, pull, and fold the seams together in a figure 8.

Take your extra piece and cut one seam open. Place around the end and bind together by pulling the cut ends through the attached end with the cords in the middle of all of this.

Wrap it all around and secure hiding the ends.


Really simple for us crafty ones.

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