Saturday, July 31, 2010


I've sent a cuddly robot out into the world. He hasn't gotten to his destination yet, but he was actually really fun to make. I mostly used old t-shirt material.

His body with the love buttons

The head and body piece were 6 equal squares, which I sewed on the extras before attaching. These definitely needed pins to hold it together while I sewed.

A rough idea of the body


I attached his arms and legs with coordinating buttons

And finally, the box I sent it in...

I attached his head to his body with a hidden stitch using embroidery thread. Probably not the greatest sewing job, but it won't be seen. I must re-iterate that the new poly-fil I bought makes all the difference in how cuddly things become. Now I'm using Silky Soft Ultra Plush. Before it was just the regular stuff. The silky soft is just amazing!


  1. i love robots!! :) geez, i wish that i had some crafting talent.

  2. carly, have you not seen your cupcakes??? i want some!