Friday, July 23, 2010

Love to love you

Today I went to my "Google Analytics" page to check out my blog visits. This page helps me to know how many people are looking at my blog each day, which posts they are looking at, where the lookers are (don't worry, it doesn't say who exactly, just the city), and how they happened upon my blog.

So back to the beginning, I went to go check it out today and I see that my blog has had 61 views just today!!!! And 38 yesterday!!! This may not sound that significant, but let me tell you, the average before these two days was 3 visits a day. I SURELY thought this was a mistake, so I went to check out where these so called viewers are from. How in the world did they find MY little blog?

So come to find out that over at Fine Little Day.


the lovely Elisabeth from Sweden has linked to my stamp from a photo.

post. You have no idea how flattered I was. I'm still flattered, and will always be flattered when people visit my blog. To me, it is just a little presentation of things I love to do and see.

I hope I've inspired some of you out there!

Dog love out to all of you.

a friend/co-worker of mine was telling my about these rolled paper bead necklaces that her friend sells to benefit women in Ethiopia (I think). I was telling her, oh yes, I know those, you can make them too! We sat googling some links and we parted ways.
A few hours later she texts me saying that she has "caught the craft bug from [me]". I hope she makes them, or think about it anyway. I will have a little something for her Monday when we meet again... I'll post about it later so the surprise isn't spoiled.

Today was an inspiring day for me.

Tomorrow, beach.

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