Saturday, October 24, 2009

Easy Halloween masks

After reading October's "Martha Stewart Living", I decided to would make my own Halloween masks this year.

Here is a link to her bird mask idea.

But crepe paper? I prefer a more authentic look. Sorry Martha. Here are the masks I created after being inspired by her article.

Gathered materials that I bought at Michaels.
Then I separated the feathers into piles of relating kinds
There were a lot of steps I didn't document, silly, but I made a beak out of a hard felt sheet. I cut a long corner and hot glued it into place, then cut it to the desired shape.
The began the feather process.
I started with the longer feathers and glued layers related by type and size. Then, around the eyes I glued the felt as a sort of eyeliner.
Finished product.
I also made a arctic fox mask using faux fur fabric and felt. Thats really all you need! (Besides the mask template)

No documentation here, but it was really easy!
I started with a base of fur, then glued fur on the back of hard felt triangles for the ears. Those were glued onto the back of the mask.
Next, a moon shaped fur piece for the nose. This was the most difficult part and took a couple of tries.
Lastly, a nose felt piece on the end of the nose. I will use thin wire for the whiskers.

Finished product (besides the whiskers)

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