Monday, October 5, 2009

Infinite time and space

Something that has always intrigued me was the concept of time.

Here is an excerpt from the story "In the Tube" by E.F. Benson.

"There is no such thing as Time really; it has no actual existence. Time is nothing more than an infinitesimal point in eternity, just as space is an infinitesimal point in infinity. At the most, Time is a sort if tunnel through which we are accustomed to believe that we are traveling. There's a roar in our ears and a darkness in our eyes which makes it seem real to us. But before we came into the tunnel we existed for ever in an infinite sunlight, and after we have got through it we shall exist in an infinite sunlight again. So why should we bother ourselves about the confusion and noise and darkness which only encompass us for a moment?"

We are then posed the feat : "Try to imagine finite Time and Space" . Thus, we cannot.

"The only solution comprehensible to you is the existence of an eternity, something that never began and will never end."

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