Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby Santa hat

I realize I've posted about this once before, but this post has my corrections AND cute photos :)

Knowing Christmas is coming up, I wanted to make my own Santa hats for the little ones. I sent one off to my niece with some matching booties, and I made a hat for Griff as well. I gave the first one I made to Griff's friend, who was also adorable in his hat!
I followed this pattern.
As with many crochet patterns, it was ridiculously off and I had to adjust it. Here are my adjustments.
White brim-
1. Chain as many links as you want your brim to be wide.
2. Continue as the pattern says, but don't follow how many rows to says to make. Measure your child's head circumference and make the brim that long when slightly stretched. I ended up with 53 rows (which is way more than 37 or whatever it asks for). I followed the pattern for 6-12 months without measuring and it would be fit for a newborn.
3. When starting your red rows, just get 1 stitch into each row. I had 53 rows, so I made 53 red slip stitches into the white when starting the hat part.
4. You end up having to add some rows in at the end, but it doesn't make a big difference. Just follow the pattern until you are ready to stitch your hat together.
5. I stitch the entire white brim on the outside, instead of half. This is because I flipped the whole white brim up.
The hats turned out super cute! We got lots of compliments when going to see Santa.

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