Monday, December 17, 2012

Making simple holiday trees

To make cute Xmas trees for your holiday table you only need a few things. It cost me about $2. Maybe less!

You will need-
4 sheets of felt for each tree. I did solid green trees but you can mix it up, or even make red or brown.

Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks


Pom poms. I got mine in the dollar bin at Joann's.

Poster board or an old thin box. I used a box. Whatever you use just needs to be the thickness of poster board to support the felt, and thin enough to bend.


How to make the tree-

1. Cut your poster into two rectangles. Basically, in half hamburger style.

2. Make it into a cone, and tape the pointy end together so it doesn't unravel. After you do this you can manipulate the bottom opening to be as wide as you want. The bottom will not be flat.

3. Tape the seam once you are happy with the shape.

4. Cut the bottom so that it is flat. There should be some point that your cone starts to separate. That is a good place to cut.

5. Fold two of your felt sheets into thirds and cut half circles out of it. You should be able to get 9-12 half circles out of each sheet. Fold the other two into 5ths and cut smaller half circles.

6. Starting at the bottom, layer your circles from largest to smallest going up the tree. Use your hot glue just at the flat part of the half circle.

7. At the end you should have a couple scraps of felt leftover to cover the exposed parts at the very bottom of the tree.

8. Put your Pom poms on however you like!

I realize I have no step by step photos. I realized this after I finished making the trees so feel free to ask me questions of you need clarification.

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