Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The best socks for babies

If you've ever had kids you know that a huge challenge is finding socks that stay on. 

My baby's favorite pasttime is trying to kick his socks off as soon as I get them on.

There are only two brands of socks that I've found that will stay on through all the kicking.

1. Old navy. Specifically the socks that don't fold and look sort of long. I love these for cool weather because they are thick and they go up to my boys knees. They are tight and leave marks, but it doesn't seem to bother him. He is 5 months but wears 12-18 months in these socks so buy big. Way big.

2. Gymboree. I'm pretty sure that the ones he has are too small, but they stay on somehow and are true to size. They are thin, so good if its warmer, or with shoes. They don't go up far, and have characters on them or are very colorful. Kinda pricey for socks.

Here he is in his old navy socks today. The one under that is his gymboree socks.

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