Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So we've moved and things have begun

So we've moved, and settled in, and I feel comfortable now. I've been told that your life can be based off points. Each event in any given time is a point, positive or negative. Like, wedding = 1 point. Moving = 1 point. Quitting my job that was my life = 1 point. Etc. Etc.

Each point, even if its a positive thing, is a your level of stress. So even though there are so many positive changes going on, stress is high. Hopefully today I will unpack more of my crafting space, take photos of the garden, and update everyone on the business that has ensued in my life since it was upheaved a year ago when i started to plan the wedding.

This is my job now. Here. See you all soon!

My favorite photo from our wedding!

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