Monday, July 25, 2011

A total fail!

On Friday I spent the day working on a few more bib/burp cloths sets for the first part of the day.
At the end, when I finished with what I had left of my terry cloth, I decided to tackle a cute pattern I had found on

Snappy Toddler Top

I thought this top would be very cute to try, so I set out printing the pattern. Cutting it out was no problem at all. I think my problems started with the buttons. In the pattern she says you can use snaps OR buttons. So of course, I chose large chunky buttons. I should have chosen snaps. There was a reason she used snaps!!!

So first, It was almost impossible to sew the neck pieces together inside out because of the button.
Then, I decided I had to go all out and create my own edging to match my arm bunting. That was where my mistake lay. It became impossible to pin the three parts together.

One side turned out ok. I could pretend this was nice top if I wanted.

The other side... not good. SOOOO bad. The fabric was pulling and twisting, and it turned out square-ish instead of rounded.

Look at the back! So uneven.

Even us sewers have our bad days. I was tired at this point, and I just wanted to get it done. I should have set it aside to finish another day. I have learned. My husband was so supportive. "This was the first time you tried this honey", and "You will do it better next time". He is right. Next time I will start simple, and I take my time. Lesson learned.

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