Monday, July 25, 2011

Working the garden

On Sunday my husband took me to get some flowers and I spent the evening planting them. The soil that is here is such bad quality. Basically, its mud or sand. Completely stripped of any nutrients. I hope adding some plants and new soil will help.

Let me tell you, I don't love flowers. I mean, there are some kinds I enjoy, but
mostly, for a garden, I don't prefer them. I'd rather have something more useful, the fruits and vegetables. I will have those soon enough. As soon as I can get some soil to fill those planter boxes, I will be planting my useful garden. I have the blueberries, in behind the flowers, and a friend is bringing over a peach tree later today or this week. Although I feel like it could use some filler, its nice to look at now! I'll have to figure out some kind of ground cover...

I also set up our new hummingbird feeder and they found it right away! Such fascinating little creatures.

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