Monday, May 24, 2010

In Your (Nautical Themed) Dreams!

Over the last week I decided to try a paper boat tutorial that I found here.

Here was my process and result.

First I cut the pattern out of a cereal box. I was able to get two boats out of one box.

Then, I folded and taper into a boat shape.After one coat of paper and a mixture of flour, water, and glue.

After two coats.
I decided to do each boat different. Here I painted with watercolor, made a hole in the middle section and stuck a painted dowel in. I secured with hot glue.
Button details

To give it that real homemade look I put patches on the sail before attaching it.

Here it is. The sail didn't turn out exactly how I would have hoped... but it was my first one! I'll do the yellow one a little differently.

I decided to use the boats as gifts that will come with a letter about it being a 'dream boat'. You hang the boat in a window and you put your wishes inside the boat. The boat will sail away with your wishes. If you receive one of these... sorry for the preview!

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