Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine Dotee

I've been assigned to make a dotee that is exclusively yellow. Last week I received this dotee in the mail. It was from the mermaid inspired dotee swap.

See mine here.

And I really loved the style of the face and hair. I couldn't, nor would I, replicate it in my latest dotee, but there was inspiration involved. This is my latest dotee...

After receiving a couple of these dolls I attempted to make this one smaller than I had in the past. It worked out quite nice. I was able to make a more detailed doll in less time. Also, I believe the dolls are actually supposed to be tiny, so mine are improving.

This swap's title was "Little Miss Sunshine", so I purposely made this dotee without a smile. I like the idea of a bright doll with a mad face. The next one is a "great depression" themed, so maybe I will make that one really happy...

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