Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surprises Received

I realize that I haven't told you all about the wonderful things I've been receiving from Swap-Bot.
Just in case you forgot how it works, you sign up for a specific topic swap (like an apron swap), you make what is required, you send it out, and you receive back from a different partner.

I sent out two octopus ATCs, and have received two back!

Mine are here.

I sent out a purple dotee, and received one back!
Check out her intricate headband. This came from Sweden, and I'm impressed!

Check out mine.

I sent out a "Tree of Life" ATC, and two owl ATCs. I've received all but one owl card, which I know is coming late.

The ones I made are here.

Here you can see how the tree one is a collage.
I also received a couple amazing envelopes stuffed with random items. Some of the favorites:
Stickers with my name stamped on them

A postcard for my inspiration boards. Its a wall of ice by the wall of Jerusalem.
Some crazy purple things that I put on my lamp. I really enjoy this whole swapping experience. I like seeing what other people would create given the same limitations I've been given. Really interesting!

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