Thursday, May 20, 2010

Work in Ceramics

This session in ceramics I've mostly been working on napkin rings for my wedding. I really regret this. I go to ceramics so that I can make fun, beautiful things, but I also go because I want to fulfill my creative ideas and de-stress. These napkin rings have been everything BUT that. They were not fun to make. Simple, easy rings. I had to do 50. Then I added a heart to the outside. Also easy. Here comes the hard part. Glazing. Imagine making 50 of one thing, then having to paint them all the same. UGHHHHH.
Boring and tedious. So I finally finished. And I got them back a couple of weeks ago, and they looked so terrible. Beyond terrible. So not only did I have to take them back, I had to re-glaze all of them. Sooo, yea, total bummer. I've done one coat on them. They need another. I hate these napkin rings...

So after that whole fiasco I decided that I'm only going to make things that I want to make out of ideas in my head. I'm not very good at throwing on the wheel, so I hand build mostly.

Here is the start to a bird that will be in the shop once it is done:
It will hang by rope, and can be hung outside, or inside. I love it!

Also last week I was inspired to make this:

This will also be in the shop. It will be a great paperweight for a budding executive I believe.

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