Friday, May 7, 2010

My first apron

I decided to join a swap where I have to create an apron. I decided to do a half apron.

I used the bottom of an apron that I already had as a guide. I regret using a sharpie. I really need to get one of those invisible markers. The sharpie shows throughout the sewing...
When I cut this out I doubled the fabric so I would only have to cut once. Then I free-handed two pockets. They are a little different, and the stitching shows, but its my first time! I didn't want to take the time to hand sew a hidden seam.

After sewing on the pockets, I sewed on a ruffle edge to one side of the fabric. I did this so that when I sew the two sides together, the ruffle will be on the inside, then the outside when flip it out.
For this project I had to pin the layer together before I sewed because the project was so big and everything was cut so precisely.
The layers were : back, waist ribbon, ruffle, front.
The most challenging part was sewing the waist ribbon. It was all inside out and such when I flipped it out, so I had to cut open the seams and slide the ribbon through. Not terrible. It can only get better from here (but I probably won't make another apron...)

The final product:
I was definitely standing weird, but until I have a studio and purchase a dress form, I will have to be the model....

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