Sunday, October 23, 2011

Busy weeks

Since starting my new job, I have no time for anything that I enjoy doing. I struggle to find the time to:

-finish my crochet blanket
-add items to my etsy shop
-MAKE items for my etsy shop
-blog, once a week isn't enough
-try new recipes
-dye fabric
-explore nature
-take my dog on long walks
-tend to my garden

In the last two weekends I have:
-crocheted a new hat out of yarn I bought over a year ago in Portland. Its an ok hat. I will follow with some photos.
- Made pants for my halloween costume. I'm going to do my best to finish the waist today, then I will post about it. They are my first pair of adult pants, and they aren't bad for winging it. Honestly, I made 90% of the yesterday.
-Decorated my house a bit for trick or treaters and bought pumpkins to carve next week.
-Made my dog a Halloween bandanda. I'll post about this also.

When I type it all out, it seems like a lot. When I do it, it seems rushed, not important. All packed into my two weekend days, so that my weekends start to feel like work, too.

Today I want to try out a new recipe and finish these pants. And blog about everything I've done... wish for the best.

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