Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crochet Hat

The beanie I made!
This took about 2 nights, watching a few tv shows. Its a pretty quick, and fairly easy for someone who has ever crocheted before.

I have made this hat before and followed the pattern exactly. I found that the hat was too big (and I have a huge head), and too slouchy for my taste. It had a very rastafarian vibe to it, which is fine, just not what I'm going for. For this hat I decided to make it shorter and also use less puff stitches around the hat. They ask for 38 puffs and I used 29.

I also used a thicker yarn. Its Lopi Icelandic Wool. A little bit about those Icelandic sheep:

"From Iceland, this 100% pure wool has a tradition of quality, which began in 1896. Out numbering the human population by almost 3 to 1 the Icelandic sheep have been bred for almost 1,100 years, grazed on virgin land and untouched by pollution.

From the very beginning, isolation has ensured the breed has remained pure, untouched by contact with others. Iceland's very strict policies do not allow importation of foreign sheep, keeping disease and cross-breeding out of the country. Over the centuries their wool has developed to ensure as much protection as possible from the harsh northern climate.

Icelandic sheep fleece is double layered, and in the same way that the sheep are kept warm and dry, the wearers of Lopi can expect the same results.Icelandic sheep wool consists of two types of fibres, inner and outer. The inner layer of light fine fibres are soft and crinkly, insulating well against the cold, while the outer fibres are long, course and smooth - and as a result, water repellent. Moisture cannot penetrate, because it runs down the outer fibres. These fibres are irregular, and they create air spaces when they are loosely bound together. Therefore Icelandic Lopi Wool is lighter, warmer, and more water-resistant than that found elsewhere."

Don't you want to wear something like that? Makes me want to go to Iceland so badly! The wool has such a unique texture, when I was in this yarn store that had 3 huge rooms full of yarn, this is what I picked.
Still kinda slouchy, and I think its just right for what I need. If I had to redo it I would have made the band smaller. It slips up on my head. Just make sure when you are measuring that you account for how far it will stretch.

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