Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Late Music Monday

I was listening to this song today, a band I don't listen to that often, and I really enjoyed it. I thought I'd share it with you all a little late for Music Monday.

Today at work the kids and I were watching a huge garden spider in his web basking in the sun after the rain. A boy was interested, and threw a flower at the web, not sure what it would do. He said, "I don't like spiders". The flower stuck, the spider didn't move. We talked about it, walked away, and not long after I heard calling. Hey look, look!!!! I walked over and the spider was working vigorously to get the flower out of his web. He worked, we watched. The flower fell, he crawled back to his spot in the center. Another boy wanted to throw another flower. I pointed out how hard the spider worked to get the first flower out of his web, and how I didn't think he liked the flower there since he threw it out almost right away. They agreed, we looked and moved on. I think the boy might like spiders now...

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