Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween outfit for a little one

I have been really interested in freezer paper stenciling for a while now, and I learned that Walmart carries freezer paper. Since I now live close to a walmart I decided to pick some up and try it out for myself. I didn't have any ideas on what to make, so after some deliberation I decided to make an outfit for the bff's new little one.

I had my husband draw out a design (we wanted to collborate), and he came up with a goofy candy corn. His favorite, and a good Halloween standby. I'm not a huge fan of orange or really any cheesy halloween colors, so I opted for colors that would match the outfit. Give the candy corn somewhat of a zombie feel.
I totally forgot to document the process, but its farily easy. Draw the design on the freezer paper, cut out the negative space, iron shiny side down, paint. The candy corn colors were painted first, and they all needed about 5 thin coats. After it dried, I peeled off the freezer paper (using an exacto knife to peel the eyes and mouth out). Lastly, I free hand painted in the teeth and eyes.
I learned a valuable lesson with the paint, which is, don't iron it after it dries. I placed some scrap fabric on top of the design an ironed to set the design, and the fabric stuck and peeled off some bits. The paint has definitely set after a few days of drying and washing it in the washing machine.

Here is the whole outfit, made from scratch!
I am most proud of the beanie. I would totally wear something like this myself... minus the top knot of course, which is reserved for cute babies.

Just for some Halloween spirit, the mini pumpkin we turned into a vampire. We bough vampire teeth and weird eyes to give out to kids in addition to candy, and we used one in a pumpkin design.

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