Saturday, September 10, 2011

My new class

So as I've mentioned I'm working at a new school, and I wanted to share with you some exquisite wall art that they have there.

Mainly I'm sharing this because I think that these are wonderful paintings for a child's room at home, or nursery ideas. I love how modern, yet cute these paintings are. They look like they will take some talent, so they aren't for the artistically challenged types.

Sorry for the phone pics, its all I had...

This is the preschool bathroom, 2 different walls.

There is so much amazing detail here. Honestly, should be made into a wallpaper. The teacher that painted it no longer works at the school, but she should design wallpapers...

This is in the kindergarden book area. The teachers were going for a living room vibe.

For any of you who have personal interest in my life, this is what the classroom I'm working in looks like.
I painted that blue thing in the background. Its supposed to be to hang the kids artwork on.
I am very interested to learn how the classroom will function. I guess I will learn this on Monday. I don't really know what is expected of me, but I'm just going to do what I know. Play with the kids and have a good time. Help them answer their own questions. Be a friend. Hopefully Montessori and Reggio have those things in common!

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