Thursday, September 1, 2011

Black Magic Balls

When I try out a new recipe it goes something like this:
-make recipe.
-try a few.
-send the rest to work with my husband.

This recipe was a HUGE hit with the men who sit in front of computers all day crowd :) My parents liked them, I also enjoyed them quite a bit. I heard that some balls were even taken home to give to wives. All told, I would recommend this recipe to anyone!

Bonus: It is pretty easy!

Black Magic Balls (aka oreo cheesecake pops)

you will need :
1 bag of oreos
1 80z. package of cream cheese
wooden sticks for food
dipping chocolate
wax paper and a baking sheet for fridge storage

Step one: Empty a whole bag of oreos into a mixing bowl. I used regular stuff, but I'm sure this would work with double stuff. I also used my stand mixer, which I would recommend. There was a lot of flying oreos, and this contained it quite well.
Step 2: After mixing a bit, add one 8oz. package of cream cheese. Room temp. Should be very soft.
Step 3: Mix Mix Mix on high speed for a few minutes. Your cookies and cream cheese will turn into a paste at the end. The picture below is not fully mixed, but when you look at the balls, they should be black. No white of the cheese should show.
Step 4: Take mixture an form into balls. Place on wax paper, then put into the refrigerator for about 2 hours. They won't be perfect. The photo below is a before and after photo of the balls before they went in the freezer, and then when I took them out and rolled them smooth.
Step 5: Roll again
Step 6: Put sticks into your balls. I used regular size kabob sticks cut into 4.
Step 7: Place in fridge again. Melt your dipping chocolate in a double boiler. I just used white chocolate chips with vegetable oil added. This didn't work out too well for dipping, and I recommend getting dipping chocolate.
Step 8: Dip or drizzle. I used gel food coloring to make the chocolate a light purple. I drizzled it on top, then added a shimmery dusting sand as well as pink shimmer food dust. Hence, "magic"
These need to be stored in the fridge unless they are being served. Otherwise they will get mushy. They really are amazing!

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