Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A new bag!

I received some fabric "scraps" a while back from a friend's mom, and the fabrics were truly too nice to call scraps. They were perfectly cut squares, some cotton, some a thicker canvas... When I think of scraps I think of junk people throw away. Stuff that was cut from something else and just sits there. Anyway, so I had some fabric from her that wasn't going to work for my quilt. Its a thick canvas cotton. So I was thinking and thinking, and I decided I'd make a bag!

I've never made a bag before, and I didn't have a pattern. I just made it up as I went along and it turned out fantastically!

Cutting out the pattern that I decided on. One of each color, one for each side.
This is for the bottom and sides. I didn't have a long piece, so I just pieced it out later. I figured out the length by measuring around the bag with a piece of yarn.
Pinning the bottom. After this, I pinned the other side on.
I traced the sides on regular cotton so that I could make a lining for the bag.
Pinning the lining. This took a little while to figure out, since it had to go in the bag right side in, but be sewed to the front...
The finished bag! I added a strap with the green fabric. I still have to sew in pieces of the lining so it doesn't bunch, but its on my etsy page! Check it out to see more photos.

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