Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday's end.

Today was spent finishing up projects. This means the house is messier, only one project is 100% done. Now is the stopping point. I will have to do my house duties, clean the kitchen, grocery shop.... I'd rather continue cutting quilt squares. I think it is almost enough!

Here is my cutting table for the day.
I ordered a new larger mat today from amazon with a birthday gift card from my sis-in-law. I hate that saying "in-law". Sister is sister, who cares about the rest, anyway, thanks Jill! I will now have a surface larger than my pinky nail to cut fabric on!

Here is the guest room/my craft room's floor today. I'm organizing the squares, I will try and place them more in the coming week. I hope after these scraps I will have enough to start sewing. This will be my very first quilt, and I'm excited. I can't wait to start to try more abstract designs. I think squares is good for the first try.

Today I also finished up the bird hanger for my cousin.

The hanger. This is where she can add a hook anywhere, to her ceiling, a window sill, you name it. I added this really neat bronze ball to the bottom of the hook area. It matches the heart on the bottom.

Here is the bottom. I used a bronze heart to weigh the end down so it doesn't just fly everywhere in the breeze.

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