Monday, September 19, 2011

New labels have arrived!

I got my new labels in the mail last night!
They are way better than I expected they would be, and I am very pleased.
I saw on MADE that they bough some labels from this etsy company called "worldsalelabel". They are from Hong Kong, and they really do a thorough job. When I wanted to order, I messaged them what I wanted, they designed the label for me (probably 5 times until I was satisfied, mostly because I want more than I can get), and when I was happy, they told me what to order.
A whole box of my main labels!
This is what they will look like close-up
The mini labels for adorning the outside of clothing among other things
I also bought some size labels for clothing.
I honestly don't think I will ever have to buy labels again! The best part is, they were pretty cheap. I paid about 9 cents a label for the main labels and the mini labels. Pretty good considering I paid $1 a label for my old ones.

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