Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drop Spindle

When I first learned to spin, about a couple years ago, the instructor gave me this. All it is, is a sick with a hook on one end with two cds sandwiched together on the stick. It was terrible.
Somehow, I spun this:
Not too bad considering.

If you remember, I posted about it first here.

I had also spun some on a wheel, which was more successful.
Now that I'm in a new place, I want to finish up all my projects that were on hold. There are a few, one being this wool.

When I was in Solvang last week I came across this store:
Village Spinning and Weaving. I remembered that when I was taking that class a while back the woman told me that this is where I could get a spinning wheel, or a drop spindle. Considering that a wheels can cost about $600, I chose an $8 drop spindle. I spoke to the lady a bit, she wondered why I didn't get a wheel since I liked them more. She doesn't realize that once things go about $200, they might as well be $1000 because I'm not going to buy it on a whim!
Here is my new drop spindle
I spun a bit today, and set it aside. Its not a very fun activity for me. I prefer other things. My goal is to finish this wool, dye it yellow like the rest of my stash that I spun, and make something.

Just for sun, some garden pictures. I was playing with my camera this morning out in the yard.

A garden spider, hanging out on the tomato cage. I must say, I love spiders. They don't hurt the vegetables, and I'm hoping they will eat all the bad bugs!

A little cactus a friend gave me. Home to some spider webs, and doing well in the sun.

The peach blossoms!

On the agenda for today -
plant the herbs out on the front patio
joann's trip for some elastic and to search the scrap bin

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