Friday, August 19, 2011

Bath Day

Pretend its yesterday when you read this... I had some issues uploading the video. Finally decided to go with youtube...

I now know the feeling parents get when their kids go to a sleepover, or a playdate. True freedom!
Today my husband took the dog to work (they allow dogs, how cool is that). I spent the first part of the day looking for him because I forgot he wasn't here. Then I spent the second half being glad he was away, cleaning dog hair off of everything and baking without little feet begging for things every step of the way.

I went upstairs. No feet.
I went downstairs. No feet.
I opened the pantry. No feet!!!

It was amazing.

On the other hand, I love that dog to death. I couldn't live without him.
Yesterday I got him ready for his big day out. He is quite the stinky dog, so he got a serious bath.

When he first get in, he won't look at me. He is mad.


Ready to get out.

After he gets out, this is what he does.

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