Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Monday #1

I'm instating a bit more of a schedule with my posts, which I think will help me organize my thoughts a bit more.
Mondays are now : Music Mondays - Songs to Sew to!

This will include a song that has really inspired me this week, as well as sewing projects I'm working on.

My husband introduced me to this song a few days ago, and I was instantly obsessed. Something about it really makes me want to move to the middle of nowhere and sit in a field all day doing nothing, or climb trees, ride horses, things of that nature. Oh, wait... I wanna do that anyway.

Today I mostly finished the birds I am making for the cousin gift.
Here they are sewn.

And stuffed.

They just need their tail sewn shut, and then I will work on the hanging string.

I also finished a blanket today. I anticipate that there will be an etsy shop update Friday.

After this blanket, I will concentrate on clothes for a little while. I ordered my new labels, and hopefully they will be here quickly.

Tomorrow I am leaving town for a few days to go camping/getting a haircut/meeting up with friends in my old town. That should all make for a fun update when I get back Friday.

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