Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Monday #2

Typically when I listen to my ipod in the car, I skip through songs that I'm not very familiar with, with the occasional stop on a song with an interesting title. I'm really glad I stopped for this song, which is now one of my favorites.

Today I didn't work on any sewing project, that will come in the following days. Today I had my parents visiting, as it was my birthday. On the weekend, my husband took me to the wild animal park, and we stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast. On the way home we visited our close friends who have a 3 week old baby. They are very lucky and we were honored to meet the little guy. It was truly an amazing weekend.

At the park, we fed giraffes. They tried coaxing the rhinos out for apples, but it didn't happen.

At the bed and breakfast, there were amazing sunflowers and other wildflowers everywhere.

This morning my husband surprised me with a happy birthday banner downstairs, and a new camera! I've been really wanting a fancy schmancy camera, and he really went all out.

It truly was a wonderful birthday.

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