Thursday, August 11, 2011

OC Fair

Last night we went to the OC fair to check things out. We just moved to this area, and we hadn't been to a fair this large before. It was such a fun night!

There was so much interesting food, attractions, games...

I tried roasted corn, fried oreos, and frozen chocolate dipped cheesecake. It was all amazingly delicious. I wasn't at all disappointed.

We went into the Ice Museum, and that was pretty neat. It had an underwater theme.

So cool, right? I couldn't believe all the colors they could do, especially the shark. It was some kind of ice that really looked like a giant carved diamond.

They also had a bug museum, which was really fun. They had some giant mechanical insects, as well as specimens of real bugs from all around the world. My favorite were the walking sticks and leaf bugs!

We checked out some games, and tried to win a giant stuffed pug, but it didn't work out. The games and rides were VERY expensive. One game or ride per person was between $5 and $10. Too much for us, but we did have fun just watching.

Something I had a lot of fun doing was visiting the petting zoos. Being able to touch the cute little cows, and have them lick your hand was to die for! There were some little tiny piglets that were being fed when we were in there and they were SO excited for their food. One jumped right into the bowl!

Overall, it was a pretty good time.

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