Thursday, August 4, 2011

A new top

Yesterday I was feeling pretty tired, so no crafting. I filled a large planter with soil and soaked some Chocolate Pepper seeds.

I purchased a "heartsy" deal for these unique organic seeds, so I can't wait to see how these peppers turn out.

They are supposed to be brown on the outside, red on the inside. I'm really excited. I'm also excited because once they grow they should cover the ugly air conditioner outside. All we will see when sitting out there are peppers!

What they should look like

On another note, I was feeling pretty bummed about the shirt I attempted the other day. I decided that other people's clothing patterns are just NOT the way to go. Plus, if I want to try and sell them, I can't use other people's pattens. I decided (ok, it was my husband's persuasion) to go to the store and pick out a couple of things that I wanted to replicate on my own. I chose some plain onesies, and a cute dress/top.

When I got home I deconstructed the dress, traced out the pieces onto some fabric I had, and went to work putting it back together.
This is the key to unlocking magic! When I took the dress apart, I could really see how it was made. There was a tiny bit of improvising, but overall, it was a wonderful project, and I can make anything I want to, with this style in mind.

Here is the dress!

It is in the etsy shop, along with a couple new blankets. Check out my new shop link at the top! Thanks for your help with that Ashley!


  1. I love the color of the outside of those peppers!! It's like the perfect brown red for nailpolish, lipstick and I guess peppers... Hope that means they will be tasty!

  2. mmm yea, they look like a little bit melted chocolate on the outside to me!