Monday, August 1, 2011

New plants, and a pattern link

I've had quite the lazy start to the day today. I woke up with the idea that I would work on the garden. A friend brought over LOTS of gardening treasures, and a couple plants. There were stakes, pots, an irrigation system, soil, trellises, and more! I knew the first order of business was to plant the peach tree, and artichoke plant.

I dug as big of a hole as I could in our terribly hard rocky, muddy, soil, and the tree is looking alright. It has no leaves and is doing really poorly, but hopefully this transplant will bring it back to life.

I did the same for the sad artichoke. Its as tall as the peach tree. I really hope it comes back to life after I trim it later.

So beautiful, even dead.

On the bright side, my wildflower seeds are blooming already! It has only been 2 days! Cute tiny sprouts!

As I finished that I was just feeling unable to stay out there. It is SO hot today. Too hot to be in the sun digging anyway.

I retreated inside where I finished thank you cards from the wedding. I had 2 left. The two daunting cards I had to write in Polish. I don't write in Polish! But I had no choice. Thank Google for goggle translate. It was so surprisingly accurate, after reading it to my mom there were only a couple conjugation mistakes. They are in the mail and it feels good to have every card done.

During the last half of the day I think I will tackle a super cute pattern I saw online.

Jack Rabbit Softee

It is so super cute to me, and I really like the size. I hope it works out! I'm sure I'll let you know.
I'm working on a tutorial on blanket making, but its going slowly.

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